You’re invited to beautiful Islamorada Florida to experience the excitement of Islamorada Tarpon fishing.  Islamorada is known as the sports fishing capital of the world and one of the best Tarpon fishing locations in the Keys. Many species of sport fish roam these waters. But starting in spring the Tarpon fishing season in the Florida Keys gets going with a vengeance. Our local Islamorada Tarpon fishing guides and Tarpon charters will get you hooked up with a powerful Silver King. Literally hundreds of hungry Tarpon wait for the chance to bend your poll and burn some line. The feeling you get after hooking up with a large Tarpon is indescribable. You can’t help but get exited about this Megalops Atlanticus at the end of your line. After catching your first Tarpon you will know what I mean. Just feeling the strength of this Florida sport fish is amazing in its self. Tarpon are a low food value fish. However they are priceless to catch and release. Large Tarpon can be caught with a variety of baits. The tackle you will use depends primarily on the type of bait, the location and the size of the Tarpon being targeted. Your guide will take care all this for you. Just bring what you need to get through the day. Ask your Captain for suggestions.   Islamorada is one of Capt. Bruce's favorite Tarpon fishing locations and has been fishing his home waters of the Florida Keys for over twenty years. He believes that fishing is something that everyone can enjoy from beginner to veteran fisherman. We also offer guided Islamorada Backcountry Redfish, Trout and Snook fishing charters. Call today for Islamorada Tarpon fishing rates and availability. Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Guide Capt Bruce Davis Islamorada, Fl 1-305-842-1471
Fight of a Lifetime! This young man is 16 years old and he contacted me for a night tarpon trip to hook up to the Silver King. He asked his Dad and put him on the phone with me. We talked and we're all fired up to go. A week later he got here, we met up and headed out to get the baits wet. We hooked a couple small fish on the bottom and one big shark. Then we put the crab out and not but 5 minutes later that crab was eaten by the biggest tarpon that was ever hooked on our boats. The tarpon couldn't even jump out of the water he was so big, just his giant head smacking left to right to throw the hook, the first run was about 150 yards. We chased him down under the bridge battling him trough all the debris on the bottom it was a tough moment of the fight. but we had a great angler that listened to my direction well and fight went up and down the canal and then into the ocean. the fight went on for two and half hours the tarpon did not want to give up and my angler didn't want to ether we had the tarpon up to the boat and I had the leader in hand so it was a catch and the tarpon was right under the boat and then came off, it was a tough moment not to get the close up pictures but that is big game fishing. I was so proud of this young man to have the heart to fight this 180lb tarpon the entire time and not giving up that rod. Thanks for the fight of a lifetime! TruBlue Charters Capt Bruce Davis
$100 Fishing Trip Deposit (please note date requested)