You’re invited to experience the thrill of Old Florida and Chassahowitzka Tarpon fishing on the Nature Coast. Our local Chassahowitzka Tarpon fishing guides and Tarpon fishing charters will put you on the fish in Chassahowitzka. Tarpon fishing in Chassahowitzka Wildlife Preserve really gets going in the spring. The scenery is beautiful not to mention there are hundreds of large and hungry Tarpon just waiting for the chance to bend your poll and put you in check. The adrenaline rush you get after hooking up with a giant Tarpon is one you’ll never forget. You will feel the power of this Florida sport fish as it burns up the reel. Just hold on because the fight has just begun. Tarpon are very strong fish and they fight hard. Your heart will skip a beat when the Tarpon breaks the water with a mighty leap. Be careful not to let this huge Tarpon get away. I can hear your Chassahowitzka Tarpon fishing guides saying, “Don’t let him spit the Hook” as you take up the slack in your line. After about 45 minutes of fighting this monster Chassahowitzka Tarpon your muscles will begin to ache and the sweat will pour. The charter captain says, “Keep fighting he is almost to the boat”. Wow that Chassahowitzka Tarpons a beauty! You have just caught and released a wonderful fish. Call 1-352-445-2755 to Book a Tarpon Fishing Adventure.
Chassahowitzka Tarpon Fishing